Before the convoy.


The Truth Will Be Told

Before the Freedom Convoy and the Freedom Village, like elsewhere in the world, the Freedom movement grew from small protests of people standing on street corners, to mass rallies on the parliament lawns. It was the slow realisation that a medical panic was being used to spread authoritarian control and censorship that woke up New Zealanders of all backgrounds.

Among the crowds were the journalists, filmmakers and photographers of We Came Here for Freedom and Operation People. The result was a series of short films and photo essays entitled The Truth Will Be Told, capturing the emotions of people who were being ignored by their government and censored by their media, but who still remained steadfast in their belief that their voices mattered too.

EP 1 | A Town Stands Up

In November 2021, to the backdrop of the New Zealand media proclaiming that no one cared about people’s concerns about mandates, the small town of Murupara took the brave step to prove them wrong, stand up, and show their public support for their beloved town doctors.

EP 2 | The Trust is Gone

As New Zealand descended into the government’s dystopian “Traffic Light System” in December 2021, – that locked Kiwis out of society and introduced a nonsensical passport system that took away livelihoods – thousands of Kiwis took to the streets to make their dissatisfaction known. 

EP 3 | Our Freedom

Despite the misinformation spread by the nation’s media, the Freedom movement is not an anti-vax movement. It is a pro-choice, anti-authoritarian movement. And as New Zealand’s freedom community descended on Wellington on December 16, 2021, their message was clear – the authoritarian approach needed to stop.

EP 4 | Real, Not Rare

As New Zealand’s government continued to promote and mandate the roll-out of new medicines under emergency-use approval, people from all over the country began getting together to speak up in the early months of 2022. They included groups like The ‘Hood, who represent parents concerned about undocumented effects of the injections on their children, as well as others who had been injured by the vaccinations.